In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services in Chesapeake, VA

Your pets matter greatly to you and deserve to be treated with respect. As your pets age and go through serious health challenges, your pet may need euthanasia. Dr. Tom Wood provides in-home pet euthanasia services in Chesapeake, VA, so that your pet can rest peacefully in a place that is comfortable for them.

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We provide in-home pet euthanasia because we believe that your pets deserve to go through their final journey surrounded by people that care for them. Dr. Wood comes to your home or other place that you have selected to euthanize your pet in the circumstances of your choosing.

The process is straightforward and quick. Dr. Wood administers a sedative upon arrival so that your pet can feel at ease and you can complete the necessary paperwork without lengthening the suffering of your pet.

Once the paperwork is complete, Dr. Wood inserts a catheter and gives an overdose of anesthesia. The anesthesia quickly passes through your pet, until there is cardiac and neural failure. Then your pet will be at peace. Dr. Wood will transport your pet's remains if desired.

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In-home pet euthanasia reduces your worry and concern about your pet so they can complete their final journey in comfort. Call Dr. Tom Wood at (757) 373-1863 to schedule an appointment in Chesapeake, VA