In Home Pet Euthanasia in South Hampton Roads, VA

Pet Hospice

Veterinary hospice care is similar to human hospice care as the purpose of each is to maximize the patient’s quality of life as much as possible. However, with pets we are able to have a more dignified end when pain and suffering are no longer manageable, or the financial cost of care and recovery is out of reach. At that difficult time, the decision for euthanasia for the welfare of your pet and family may be needed.

Pet Euthanasia

Dr. Wood provides compassionate care for the end-of-life process through euthanasia. When Dr. Wood arrives at your home, or other special place that you have decided upon, a consultation is provided if desired. The next step is to give your pet a sedative that also relieves pain. This is very quick and reduces any anxiety that may be developing. Once sedated, a small catheter is placed in a vein and anesthesia is given to surgical level and beyond to overdose causing euthanasia. Once death has been confirmed, Dr. Wood will quietly leave, and if requested, transport the remains. If a cremation service has been notified, they will handle that process as arranged separately. Burial can take place at the owner’s discretion.

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