In Home Pet Euthanasia in Virginia Beach, VA

Pet Hospice

Veterinary hospice care is similar to human hospice in that both are to minimize pain and have the patient in a comfortable and familiar setting. However, with pets we are able to have a desirable end, that is when pain and indignity are no longer manageable it is time for euthanasia. That is when you decide it is time.

Pet Euthanasia

When Dr Wood arrives at your house, or other special place that you have decided upon, a heavy dose of sedative is given. This is very quick and reduces any anxiety that may be developing in your friend. Then paper work must be done, very brief. All business is then concluded before the euthanasia. When your pet is situated a small catheter is placed in a vein. Then an overdose of anesthesia is given. Anesthesia is quickly passes through to the final stage of cardiac and neural failure. Dr Wood will then quietly leave, and if needed will transport the remains. Usually one of the cremation services are waiting (having been previously scheduled) or burial can take place in the yard.